Is your back preventing you to renovate your house? – Massage can help



It is recognised that massage therapy achieves significant patient satisfaction and reduction in pain levels, both in the short and longer term. Massage can also help with acute on chronic lower back pain in terms of improving symptoms and function. 

There is consistent and conclusive evidence that massage therapy is safe. However, the importance of qualified massage therapists adhering to appropriate scopes of practice, safety guidelines and ethical procedures is stressed.

Is your back hurting or are you too tired to start your house renovation? At JM Remedial Therapy and Lymphoedema Clinic we can help you. Our massage always involves relaxation to overcome tissue resistance and adhere to the principle of working from superficial to deep before carrying out specific remedial work on the area of complaint. 

Learn to pace yourself and manage your back with massage. Massage may save money in health care provider visits, pain medication and cost of back care services.

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