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A compression garment is a piece of clothing such as anklet, stocking, pantyhose, bra, armsleeve, etc, that provides support to an area of the body if you suffer from poor circulation, varicose veins, blood clots and where swelling is present. The garments come in varying degrees of compression calculated in milligram of mercury, which can be determine by your doctor or lymphoedema therapist.


  A support stocking or pantyhose is a "ready to wear" garment designed for people standing for long periods of times or during pregnancy if no other problems are present. We can order the one of your choice.

  A medical compression stocking is available in the "ready to wear" and custom-made form. It is designed to manage conditions such as lymphoedema and venous insufficiency: 

  • To prevent or decrease swelling during pregnancy
  • To decrease aching and tiredness in the legs with venous problems
  • To prevent condition such as ulcer and cellulitis where swelling is present
  • To maintain a reduction in swelling following the intense treatment for lymphoedema


A compression armsleeve is available in "ready to wear" and custom-made. It is designed to manage swelling in primary and secondary lymphoedema in the arm and encourages lymph flow. Armsleeve are available in different forms:

  •  wrist to shoulder
  • with gauntlet when swelling is present in the hand
  • with a glove when swelling is present in the hand and fingers 
  • with shoulder cap
  • with a silicone border



A compression bra is available in "ready to wear" and can be altered to fit the individual. This bra is designed to manage lymphoedema in the breast, the thorax and the axilla. We have 2 different brands in different colors available.



We have carefully chosen our compression garments. They are of the best quality, they are comfortable, they look smart and have durability. When it comes to wearing a compression garment, you want all those qualities to be present.

  • We stock knee high cotton medical stockings in black and white.
  • All other "ready to wear" garments can be available in 2 to 3 days
  • Custom made garments can take 3 to 5 weeks depending on the brand


Keep the swelling under control, enjoy peace of mind and improve the qualiy of your life


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