Wearing your garment

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Doning your stockings

Wear rubber gloves to adhere to the fabric and improve your grip
Do not wear jewellery when donning the garment to avoid damaging the fabric
Turn the stocking inside out at the heel
Pull the stocking up over the foot to the heel
Lift the fabric up over the heel
Pull the stocking up to the knee and thigh in stages

Caring for your compression garment

Wear gloves when donning your garment
Wash your stocking daily in cold or tepid water with a mild detergent
Do not use bleach or fabric softener
Do not tumble dry
Dry the garment on the line in the shade
To minimize blood stain, wash the garment as soon
Have two (2) garments: one to wear and one to wash
Wear your compression garment first thing in the morning daily
Care for your skin
Drink plenty of water
Eat plenty of roughage to prevent constipation
Cold shower your legs at night
Avoid heat
Wear supporting shoes
Avoid constricting clothing
Do not cross your legs
Have your feet supported when seated
Exercise your feet, toes and ankles when sitting for a long period of time
Put your feet up to allow gravity to drain your legs when lying down
Exercise – walk where you can and use the stairs
Stop and stretch your legs during a long car journey
In an aircraft – wear your garment, take your shoes off and walk up and down the aisle


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