Hydrotherapy is a fun, social and pleasant way to exercise in a warmed up pool.

The benefits of hydrotherapy range from:

  • Improving general fitness, endurance and balance
  • Decreasing stiffness and improve the range of joint movement
  • Increasing strength, maintain or restore physical function
  • Reducing pain

Hydrotherapy is particularly beneficial for fibromyalgia and arthritis because of the weightless feeling due to the boyancy. It is gentle on the joints and allows for movements such as twisting and jumping, which would not otherwise be attempted on land.

In regards to lymphoedema, a heated pool is not recommended because heat has a vasodilation effect, which may cause lymphoedema to worsen. The ideal temperature would be about 28 degrees. Aquaerobic and deep water running are terrific exercises to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation.

Swimming is also ideal and particularly the breast stroke which increases deep breathing and movements of the rib cage to promote the lymph's return to the venous circulation.

The hydrostatic pressure is a natural compression and it is not necessary to wear a compression garment under water.

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