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Changes in the actual lifestyle are necessary to ensure a successful long term exercise program and weight loss. It is important to prepare mentally and have a basic knowledge of the factors that maximise your results.

  • Core stability is the key concept in the starting position of movement and must be obtain before challenging individual muscles.
  • Breathing correctly is also essential to maximise the benefit of exercise, and oxygen is required to be delivered in sufficient quantities to the cells to burn fat.
  • An important factor in choosing an exercise program is the muscular quality, meaning strength and flexibility to perform the movement required.

To start your exercise program, ensure that you take a minimum of 10’000 steps a day. You can invest in a pedometer and monitor your progress. You start modifying your lifestyle by increasing your incidental activities such as walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, parking the car further away from the entrance of the supermarket. An important part of your program is logging your daily record. You can increase your weekly results by 20% by adding a short walk.

Your walking log may look like:

Week 1









Week 2









Week 3









Week 4










TIPS for weight loss

  • Some research shows that weight lift exercise build muscle tissue for effective, permanent fat loss. It is muscle that burns fat! It is much easier and less work to stay slim with muscle than it is to lose fat doing aerobics, although aerobic exercises are great to improve the cardiovascular system.
  • Working at about 60% of the Maximum Heart Rate will increase the use of Free Fatty Acids for the production of energy molecule (ATP). This means also working-out for a longer period of time, thus developing muscular endurance.
  • To exercise after waking up and before eating breakfast will help to burn more fat after the overnight fast because of the low blood sugar levels in your body.


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