How to lose weight, feel fit and stay that way


In fact loosing weight is much more that a matter of will power it is a whole series of changes into one’s lifestyle program, and managing your time effectively is a number one priority.


Before you start a weight-loss program, check that you have answered the following questions.


1. Is my weight-loss goal realistic? yes / no ___________________________
2. Do I have a long-term contract with myself? yes / no ___________________________
3. Is it my own decision or have I been pressured into it? yes / no ___________________________
4. Has my exercise program got a time and place in my existing routine? yes / no ___________________________
5. Do I have a strategy to kick start my goal yes / no ___________________________
6. Have I got a network support: e.g.: family, dietitian, doctor, fitness instructor, etc. yes / no ___________________________


Facts about Exercise and Weight Loss



  • Exercise spot-reduce fat
  • Strength training will give women a masculine look
  • No pain, no gain


  • There is no ideal standard for flexibility
  • Warm the muscles before an attempt to stretch them
  • Lack of use can decrease joint mobility
  • You need muscles to burn fat
  • The more muscles in the body, the hi
  • gher the metabolism during activity and at rest
  • Endurance exercises speed up the  metabolism
  • Proteins build and maintain muscle tissue
  • Starving will slow down the metabolism

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