Massage can help relieve stress and pain in chronic conditions


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Do you know that the global pain industry peddles more than $50 billion in drugs a year?
Yet, for chronic pain sufferers, over the counter pills are typically little help, while morphine and other narcotics can be addictive.  (

The good news is that research suggests that people can use massage for a variety of chronic conditions to relieve aches and pain, joint stiffness and stress. Massage actually addresses many chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, anxiety and depression.

Interesting enough, a Canadian study said that the reduction of pain due to massages may be closely related to the reduction of pain due to anti-inflammatory medicine, while another study suggests that while some patients at a hospital were having massage, their medication dropped on that particular day.

I specialise in massage and I can help you manage chronic discomforts more naturally.

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