Massage for asthma



We know that asthma is a chronic condition resulting in narrowing of the airways due to smooth muscle spasms. These episodes of breathlessness can result from exposure to an irritant such as cold air or an allergen such as dust mites, also following exercise or a viral infection.

Let’s look at the different goals we have when treating asthma with massage. First of all, we want to reduce the stress and anxiety attached to living with a chronic condition. To keep calm and avoid panic is essential in the treatment of asthma. We also encourage blood circulation in muscles of the chest, neck and shoulders; we drain the congested areas, and remove active trigger points. The rib cage, thoracic spine and shoulders are tensed and we can optimise their mobility by massaging the overused and tight muscles. Massage is particularly effective for children, and I would advise any mother of an asthmatic child to learn how to do it.

Anyone with asthma should also take the possibility of food intolerance or reaction to the environment seriously and seek expert advice.

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