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We hope that everyone had a safe and happy Easter despite the wet weather. Maybe you spent Easter relaxing with a nana nap after lunch, playing cards, watching a movie, or going away, what a great way to recharge the batteries! I have had a nice break as well catching the sun at Coolum with a bit of swimming, walking, bike riding and my favorite – paddling with my surfski around the Noosa canals.

We are now back to work and I am so pleased to see that most of my Samford clients have found their way to the Albany Creek clinic.  I am grateful for your confidence in our professional services and look forward to continuing our relationship to assist you in your healthy endeavours.

The next important date is Mother's Day which is just around the corner on 10th May. Have you thought about purchasing a MASSAGE GIFT VOUCHER to celebrate your Mum's special day? We have it available for you and you also get a chance to WIN a half hour massage by entering our draw when you purchase a gift voucher. You can call 3264 6698 and use your credit card over the phone or just visit our clinic. The winner will be drawn 12th April and will be notified immediately.

This year, we have installed a Bio Impedance Analysis machine for early detection of lymphoedema. We also purchased a new electric massage table, which should arrive mid May. The new table is similar than the existing one with extra padding to add to patient comfort. It is also versatile, as it allows for seated massage with the head rest rotating into position. It is ideal for wheelchair clients and anyone feeling uncomfortable to lie on their tummy.The self-massage technique has been added to our website, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Carol McPhail, counseling, from Samford to allow for its publication. The photos were taken after a morning exercise training session while I was still working at Clear Mountain. Thank you for these memories, it was a blast!

Kory has altered his time table and is now available only on Thursday morning 9am til 12pm and Thursday evening 6pm til 9pm. Later this month, we will both be off to a seminar to enhance our skills on pain management and treatment results.

In this newsletter we discuss a few tips to relieve headache, we talk about stretches and give you a receipe for moth repellent using aromatherapy products.

Hope you enjoy your reading

Yours in health

Jeanine Mewburn

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About headaches

Headaches are often due to many factors, such as neck and shoulder tension, excessive life stress, homonal imbalances. Sometimes they are the result to a reaction to medication or alcohol. As a general rule, should your headache last longer than three weeks, it is advised to see your doctor.

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What happens when under pressure?

Do you know that the levels of hormone cortisol increase when under pressure causing a cascade or reactions to get the body ready for action: the blood pressure and heart beat increase, you start to perspire and this reaction also dumps extra fat and sugar into the bloodstream.  Research has shown that excessive cortisol interferes with our ability to think straight or retrieve memories because the glucose (brain food) is diverted from the brain to the muscles. Hence the muscles are ready for action. Cortisol is a very useful hormone when stress can be alleviated by responding physically to it – for example it keeps you alert and ready for a sprint when crossing a busy road – but it is rather detrimental to you and your health without proper release mechanism such as relaxation or physical exercise because it cumulates.

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Self-care to reduce headace intensity and frequency

If you suffer from chronic headaches, it is advisable to find a strategy to keep your stress levels low such as having regular massages or maintaining an exercise program. A massage can decrease or remove your headaches without the use of analgesics by decreasing your cortisol levels and relaxing your muscles, removing trigger points and muscle spasms. This in turn allows the joints to work smoothly. A regular massage can also  restore a good blood and lymphatic circulation and improve the nerve supply to muscles and organs. You may find that the symptoms associated with headaches such as loss of appetite, nausea, feeling of imbalance and ringing in the ears may also disappear.

Consider increasing the frequency of your massage sessions, even if you must reduce the length of each session. The benefits of massage are cumulative and may act to prevent the development of tension that lead to headaches. 

Ensure that you drink plenty of water and maintain a balanced diet to keep your system in check. 

If you work at a desk, make sure your computer is set up correctly to prevent eyestrain and strain on your neck muscles.

Try logging the date, describing the stress,and the lifestyle factors that may be associated with your recurrent headaches, for example your could write about your outings, the food you eat the beverages you drink, and the environment you live in. This practice can help you identify what interferes with your health and wellbeing. 

When having a headache, the earlier you stop whatever you are doing that is aggravating it, the earlier you will find relief, and apply a cold pack over  the painful area or try brushing your hair.

This is a very effective point to relieve headache, shoulder and neck tension. With the thumb and first finger of your right hand, squeeze the point in the webbing between your left thumb and first finger. Hold until the discomfort subsides. 

Try  self-care massage and seek stress counseling to help you to let go of issues you can't control.  

Gentle stretching can be added to the massage to increase muscular flexibility and pliability.

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Tip: Ensure that you have a good posture at all times, particularly when exercising. If you are going to spend time working out and eating right, you may as well maximize your efforts with your posture. When sitting or standing imagine that you are attached to the ceiling by the crown of your head, and it is pulling your head upwards. Keep your tummy tucked in, your shoulders relaxed and your ears aligned with your hips. Breathe deeply and rhythmically: breathe in when you move into your stretching position and out when stretching.

  • Neck stretch
    Take a deep breath and turn your head right and look into your armpit
    Place your right hand over the crown of your head
    Gently pull your head down towards the hollow of your armpit and breathe out
    Keep that position for another 5 deep breaths
    Repeat this stretch with your left side


  • Shoulder exercise
    This exercise is particularly beneficial when sitting at a desk for long periods of time
    Shrug your shoulders up and down
    Roll your shoulders forward
    Roll your shoulders backward


  • Spinal stretch
    Stand up straight – lift your arms above your head and breathe in deeply
    Lower your arms, tuck your chin into the chest and roll down towards the floor imagining each joint between the vertebrae moving smoothly during the movement.
    Breathe out
    Tuck your chin into the chest and keep breathing deeply 5 times
    With each exhalation, tuck your tummy further in – You may find that on each exhalation, your fingers will be closer to the ground
    With the final exhalation, unfold imagining again each vertebrae moving smoothly.



Tip: Do not try to reach the floor, only roll down as far as you can comfortably


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Moth repellent

Mix 2 cups of cedarwood  chips with 2 cups of lavender buds into a bowl
Add 3 drops lemon oil, 5 drops cedarwood, 5 drops lavender
Mix well and make sachets to hang in your wardrobe

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Snippets about Lymphoedema research

A clinical trial involving individuals with mild lymphoedema receiving a combination of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Compression Bandage showed that the reduction in volume compared to individuals with mild lymphoedema receiving Compression Bandage alone was significantly larger.

Another states that compression therapy, either active or passive, is the cornerstone of treatment for all venous and lymphatic disorders. Its major limitations are poor patient compliance and the difficulty to apply in the ederly patients.


Snippets about Venous Insufficiency

Apparently low-compression medical stockings are sufficient to treat occupational "venous" symptoms in healthy individuals


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Newsletter issue number 7


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