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From the desk
Compression stockings and armsleeves
Why are regular massages important?
Snippets about lymphoedema
Words of encouragement from 22ISL Congress in Sydney
Therapists wanted
Enjoy an evening with friends and family: Chocolate fondue receipe

From the desk

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all well and healthy. It has been busy since the beginning of this new financial year. Consequently,  this newsletter is issued later that anticipated and I apologise for the delay. I have attended a few seminars regarding remedial therapy and the International Lymphology Congress in Sydney in September. I have also been working to develop the clinic into a multimodality clinic, and I hope to be able to introduce you to a naturopath before the end of the year. I will keep you posted regarding this project.

More good news is that Anita will be answering your query when you next call in. Anita is looking after the reception two to three mornings a week. The reception may still not be attended all the time but please, leave a short message when you call and Anita or myself will return it as soon as possible. 

We have exchanged our Delilah support stockings for the Sigvaris knee high cotton stockings. The Delilah range is still available on demand and will be a stock item again probably by early next year. Please read about our stockings and armsleeves below.

I would like to thank you again for your continued trust in my services. I strive to keep up to date with the latest practices to assist you in your quest for health in the best possible way.

I wish you health and happiness and send you my warmest regards


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Compression stockings and armsleeves for lymphoedema and/or venous insufficiency


We are now stocking the Sigvaris knee high cotton stockings in black and natural colour with open or closed toe option. We have chosen this type of garment over others for the simple reason that they are more comfortable and let the skin breathe better during our hot and humid Queensland summer. 

I would like to advise that all other garments are still available at the clinic within 2 to 4 days and 3 weeks if they are custom-made.

I also have news for our arm lymphoedema clients. The soft, breathable and elastic "DreamSleeve" garment is available in pink, lavender, sky blue and six other colours. Please keep in mind that the colour range comes from overseas and the seasons are back to front to ours. The pastel colors are available in summer. I believe that a 3 weeks delivery can be expected for the "Dreamsleeve". Start having fun with mixing and matching your armsleeve with your outfits. 


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Why are regular massages important

It is well recognised that a massage can help with relaxation, back, neck, and other problems. Massage is a gentle and yet powerful modality which can bring results such as pain relief and it encourages general wellbeing.  It can greatly improve quality of life for people dealing with chronic pain and discomfort. In fact studies have found that regular massages can reduce the blood pressure, boost the immune system, decrease stress hormones and raise mood-elevating brain chemicals, stimulates digestive hormones and promote good nerve conduction – and it also goes a long way towards restoring good postural alignment.. 

Doctors prescribe massage to help their patients manage stress, headaches, back aches etc. and it is an item recognized for rebate by health funds. Having more than one massage session can also allow your therapist to re-assess the previous results and build on the earlier treatment. Massage is like exercise and it does more for you if carried out on a regular basis.


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Snippets regarding lymphoedema

  1. A study sponsored by the Breast Cancer Research Group concludes that "Early detection of lymphoedema will enable early institution of treatment to prevent permanent tissue changes, thereby improving provision of health care in significant ways for cancer survivors.
  2. Sydney Surgeon and Phlebologist, Dr G. Mark Malouf,  claims that improving the lymph fluid transport improves all types of oedema. The principles to improve lymph flow include: movement (i.e.walking exercise), manual lymphatic drainage therapy, graduated compression and elevation.
  3. A 2006 French study on long-term management of breast cancer-related lymphoedema conluded that compliance to the use of elastic sleeve and low stretch bandage is required to stabilise lymphoedema volume following Complex Lymphatic Therapy.
  4. A recent study regarding weight lifting concluded that breast cancer survivors can safely participate in slowly progressive weight lifting without increasing the lymphoedema symptoms
  5. A 1998 trial involving 299 patients suffering from primary and secondary lymphoedema of the arms and legs concluded that a Complex Lymphatic Therapy including lymphatic drainage, multilayered compression bandaging, remedial exercises and meticulous skin care is a highly effective treatment for  lymphoedema. The reduction averaged 59.1% in the upper-extremity and 67.7% in the lower-extremity. With an average follow-up of 9 months, this improvement was maintained in compliant patients. Non compliant patients lost a part of their initial reduction.

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Report from 22ISL Lymphology Congress in Sydney

I would like to first of all thank again the Lymphoedema Association of Queensland for the Scholarship to attend the ISL22 Congress in Lymphology in Sydney.
The Congress was a first class event with worldwide presentations from doctors, nurses, medical students and lymphoedema therapists. It appears that lymphoedema may become a thing of the past due to ongoing research at molecular and surgical levels.

Regardless of what lies ahead, let’s concentrate on recommendations that were made during the Congress and have been identified as helping make a difference to life with lymphoedema. The two items at the top of the list are:

To be educated and aware about lymphoedema

To act early – as  early detection and prevention are better than cure

A Qualitative Analysis of Coping with LE Following Breast Cancer concludes that lymphoedema impact on someone’s life is pervasive and it is best to recognize it and act early rather than avoiding it.

When these two criteria have been identified and achieved, Jane Armer from USA suggests that the best coping strategies to manage Lymphoedema are to accept the limitations associated with lymphoedema symptoms and focus on the positive aspects of life.

Dr Sandi Hayes (QUT) advocates exercise as an excellent strategy because it has a profound effect on the lymphatic system. She says that we need to think of movement as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. She presented the "Benefits reported in qualitative", a narrative reviews of the literature" Hayes et al, JSAMS, (2009) 14:428-434, which I can summarise as follow:

  • Exercise can preserve or improve muscle mass, strength, power, breathing capacity therefore increasing physical activity levels and the immune function. 

    The chemotherapy completion rates is better with shorter hospitalisation and less symptoms reported. 

    The quality of life improves with decreased anxiety and depression and improved body image.

The best treatment available to this day is still the Complex Lymphatic Therapy with its multidisciplinary approach such as education about lymphoedema, lymphatic drainage, compression therapy (bandaging and/or compression garment, and exercise). 

Jeanine Mewburn 
(Report published in the Node News October 2009)

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We are looking to expand to a multi modality clinic and looking for a remedial massage therapist, naturopath or homeopath, and an acupuncturist to join us for two days per week on a casual, part-time contract basis. We offer a warm and friendly working environment with a lovely body of existing clients.  Our preference is for someone with experience in a clinical setting and knowledge of the lymphoedema condition. To apply, please email your resume to

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Enjoy an evening with friends and family: Chocolate fondue receipe (6 people)

Preparation time: 45 minutes

50 cl light cream
250g mild chocolate
250g dark chocolate

To dip into the fondue:
Fresh rough pineapple – strawberries, cherries, marshmallow

Shredded coconut for the final touch
Pineaple preparation:
First cut the top and bottom of the pineapple off using sawing motions with your knife
Cut down the sides to remove holes, spikes and spines
Cut slices down the side and leave the core

Strawberries preparation:
Depending on the size of the strawberries, you can leave them whole or cut them in eatable sizes after washing them

Fondue preparation:
Melt the chocolate and cream in a sauce pan with low heat and stir well until the chocolate has a smooth consistancy

Enjoy dipping the fruit and marshmallow into the fondue using a fork!!

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Newsletter issue number 8

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